Sample Book

I have taught drawing, painting and printmaking for over 30 years. When you teach someone how to make a print, you often start with a technique- hard ground or soft ground. This Sample Book is both a collections of samples of techniques, though how they are made is not that important, they are also samples of my life, of the textures and marks of prints made in both London and Scotland. Some of the plates started out as samples, to show technique to a student, others were plates discarded by a student, a sample of their work, that I appropriated and made my own again.

Passing Places

Driving along the narrow roads in Scotland, there are numerous passing places where cars can pull in to let another get past. On a journey, with my daughter asleep in the car, I stopped at each of these places and drew what I saw ahead. The concertina, zig zag format of this book works to describe the eye passing over the landscape, the journey through it. Printed in one piece, the end papers of this book are cut from the same sheet of paper.

Everyday Journeys

From drawings made in a sketchbook for the train- recording the landscape zooming past. I love the freedom in drawing almost what you can't see, rather than what you can, or the minimum you can see or record. There is a liberation in leaving some of the view behind.